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    Western Mass. Rendering Co. represents the EnviCor SmartTank line of indoor and outdoor storage tank solutions for the safe handling of your used cooking oils. The SmartTank features EnviCor’s exclusive eLMS technology which allows you to better manage both your waste cooking oil and your fresh cooking oil too.

    The SmartTank indoor storage system is designed for restaurants with available interior floor space. The SmartTank is installed inside the restaurant with a connection located on the outside wall for waste cooking oil removal. The SmartTank can direct-connect to self-filtering fryers or quick-connect to portable filter machine or caddy. A remote wand is also available for non-filtering fryers.

    SmartTank Brochure   |   Download Printable Version
    245 Standard Gallon Tank Size   |   Download Printable Version
    165 Gallon Low Profile Tank   |   Download Printable Version

    Outdoor Systems
    The SmartTank can be adapted for outdoor use with an insulated shed if restaurant concept does not have the interior square footage to house an inside tank system.

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